Why You Should Buy Wedding Insurance

Written by Karen Bryan

Wedding CakeBecause many people spend a lot of money on their wedding day, it sounds like a good idea to have wedding insurance to protect from any possible financial losses. I had a look at John Lewis Wedding Insurance, which also applies to civil partnership ceremonies.

It’s straightforward to select the appropriate level of cover, based on the total amount of money that you’ll spend on your wedding. There are six levels of cover, starting with Level 1 which costs £58 and offers cover of up to £10,000, to Level 6 for cover up to £100,000. I’m sure it can be easy to underestimate how much you’ll spend on your wedding. So, toting it all up could be useful for  budgeting purposes, as well as ensuring that you select the appropriate level of cover. However, if the wedding costs begin to escalate beyond the initial estimate, you can increase your cover to the next level.

If your wedding is going to take place outside the UK, it only costs a few pounds more to buy the insurance. However, you’ll still need travel insurance to cover you for the journey to your wedding and for the honeymoon. There’s an excess of £50 on all claims, apart from legal cover.

If you have to cancel the wedding due to illness of the bride, groom or close family, as long as it’s not due to a pre-existing condition, you can make a claim to cover the cost of arranging your wedding at a later date. Also, if there’s a problem with your wedding photos or video, e.g. the photographer’s camera packs up, then the insurance  will for pay for a re-shoot and help toward expenses such as clothing hire.

There’s an additional premium if your wedding or reception will take place in a marquee. You’re covered if the venue if unable to host your wedding and for listed reasons such as an outbreak of food poisoning.  If any of the suppliers e.g. for rings, wedding transport, photographer, florist etc go bankrupt, then you’ll receive a refund of any money paid to them.

It’s best to buy wedding insurance once you have arranged a venue and started paying deposits towards your wedding arrangements.

It’s important to be aware that the insurance doesn’t apply if you decide that you want to call off the wedding; the insurance is there to cover for unavoidable and unexpected losses. As ever, make sure that you read through all the terms and conditions of any wedding insurance policy before your make a purchase.


One Response to “Why You Should Buy Wedding Insurance”

  1. This is the first I have heard of wedding insurance, and after reading this article I can’t believe I’ve managed to stay unaware for so long! This is a great niche to be exploited, and one that a family friend could have done with 18 months ago – half of her photographs came out blank or blurred following a camera issue and she was heartbroken. I’m planning my own wedding now, and will definitely be taking out additional insurance to leave as little to chance as possible!