Is Santander Being Sexist?

Written by Karen Bryan

santander123cxurrentaccountI opened a Santander 123 Cashback Current Account a few months ago to take advantage of the 3% it pays on balances between £3,000 and £20,000, a lot more than most instant access savings accounts are paying.

I also noticed that Santander started to introduce some savings accounts with pretty competitive rates, which are only available to 123 customers (there’s also a Santander 123 Credit Card). As my husband has a fixed rate Cash ISA which matures in August, I thought it was a good idea to get his name on the 123 Current Account in case Santander have a decent Cash ISA on the go in August.

I hoped that I’d be able to change the 123 Current Account from a single to a joint account online as my husband already has a Santander eSaver registered on the online banking system. I couldn’t see any information about how to add his name to the Current Account on the Santander website, so I emailed to ask how to make the change.

I was told that we’d both have to go in a Santander branch with ID. What a pain.

We did as instructed and a couple of weeks later he received his debit card and PIN.

What really annoyed me was that the first statement we received after changing to a joint account was addressed to my husband, no mention of me whatsoever.

Surely if it’s a joint account, any correspondence should be addressed to both account holders.

Is Santander being sexist, or are they saving money on ink by only printing one name?

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