Fighting Tesco for My Free Cream

Written by Karen Bryan

tesco reduced strawberriesWe picked up three packs of reduced strawberries in Tesco in Berwick upon Tweed today. There was a sticker on the packs touting a free 150ml tub of free cream with each pack.  Upon checking my receipt, I saw that we’d been charged 60p for each of the creams.

Tescoffed, I headed straight for the customer service desk to claim my £1.80 refund. The woman on the desk told us that, as the strawberries were reduced, they didn’t qualify for the free cream. I said if that were the case, the free cream sticker should’ve been removed from the reduced packs. The customer service assistant was adamant that I wasn’t getting the free cream, saying that she’d had issues with this all morning and the manager had told her that the free cream offer only applied on full price packs of strawberries. She asked us from which shelf we picked up the reduced strawberries, which I though was totally irrelevant.

But I was like a dog with a bone, as I’d already visualised eating the rhubarb tart in our trolley with cream for my lunch. I asked to see the manager to demand my free cream.  I have the suspicion that many customers may have diddled out of their free cream; between not checking their receipts, not bothering/having the time to queue up at the customer service desk and/or being fobbed off by customer service desk assistant.

The assistant phoned the manager, who authorised her to give me the £1.80 refund.

She then started to say that in future we’d need to be aware that additional offers didn’t apply on reduced items. I didn’t respond, not wanting to be argumentative. However, I will be back at the customer service desk insisting on any offers detailed on goods, reduced or not.

It jsut proves that you have to be on your toes when shopping at Tesco between being tesconfused by vouchers, shinking sizes and attempts to wriggle out of advertised offers.