Your Shrinking Pound at Tesco: 36% Price Hike on Everyday Shampoo

Written by Karen Bryan

New size 500ml Tesco Everyday ShampooBe prepared for your pound to shrink in value when buying shampoo at Tesco. I did a double take today when I saw the rows of Tesco Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner as the bottles looked much smaller than in the past, but the price had only gone down from 88p to 80p. I picked up one of the new size bottles and sure enough the bottle had shrunk to 500ml.

Former 750ml Tesco Everyday ShampooI was able to confirm that the previous bottle size was 750ml, as the old stock had been reduced to half price; 44p for 750ml.

What a swizz, that’s a mighty 36% increase in price. The shrinkage in bottle size has heralded a price leap of more than one third; more than ten times the rate of inflation.


2 Responses to “Your Shrinking Pound at Tesco: 36% Price Hike on Everyday Shampoo”

  1. It’s a joke isn’t it Karen? I have these stockpiled so I feel very lucky right now, but will not be buying them again.

  2. Laura – yes we bought a pile of the Tesco half price larger size shampoos today. I just don’t know how Tesco can justify such a price hike. Maybe they are hoping that customers won’t notice the smaller size bottle?