Three Mobile Sim Only PAYG 12

Written by Karen Bryan

Three Mobile 3G 12GB 12 monrh sim card & USB modemWhen our fixed line broadband connection started dropping and getting really slow, I was prompted into renewing my mobile broadband, both as a back up for use in the office and for when I’m out and about with my netbook. Sods Law being what it is, my 12 month data sim with Three Mobile had expired three days before the wired broadband started playing up.

I decided to continue with Three Mobile 12GB 12 month mobile broadband. I really like the flexibility of being able to use the 12 GB of data at any time during a 12 month period. Some months I hardly need to use mobile broadband, others I use it frequently. I had pretty good coverage in most areas of the UK over the 12 month period.

As a Three USB modem was included in the Three mobile internet 12 month 12GB Pay As You Go +12 package I purchased for £90 last year, I could save money by buying a Three Mobile Sim Only PAYG 12. I did some price comparison; the lowest price which I could find for the 12GB sim card was £70.49.

I bought the Three data sim through a link on which offers £13.17 cashback. Assuming I get the cashback, which I always have on my purchases on the, then the Three data sim will have cost me £57, equivalent to under £5 a month for 1 GB of data.

I was glad to see that Three have ditched the £1.95 packing and postage charge that was in place last year.  I received the sim card the day after ordering online.