T Mobile 30 Day Data Sim Card

Written by Karen Bryan

T Mobile sim cardI like to have several options for getting online as a backup if my fixed line broadband is dodgy, and for connecting my netbook by USB modem when I’m out of the office. I’ve experienced poor mobile broadband signal even in UK cities, so I’ve found it invaluable to have the ability to connect through more than one network.

I find that 2GB of data a month is generally sufficient for my needs. My logic is that I’d rather have two different providers, each giving me 1GB a month, than one provider giving me 2GB a month, as long as the total price is similar.

I recently bought a Three Mobile UK data sim card which gives me 12 GB to use at any time over a 12 month period. After cashback, this cost me £57.

I decided to also get a T Moble 30 day data sim card which for £5 a month (the SIM card was free of charge) gives me 1GB of data on a 30 day rolling contract.  I already had a USB modem from the T Mobile Internet 3 Month Pay Up Front package that I purchased last year, so I just needed a new SIM card.

T Mobile gives me a stronger signal in my office than Three Mobile; so it’s a better back up if I have problems with my wired broadband. T Mobile say that although there’s a 1GB monthly limit, customers will always be able to browse and use email, even if they go above that limit.

This means that I’ll pay just under £10 a month for 2GB of data. The next lowest price I could find for a 1GB a month data package on pay as you go was £7.50 a month with giffgaff (which runs on the 02 network).  If I do find a cheaper deal for my second mobile broadband option, I can cancel the T Mobile contract with 30 days notice.