Stop Wasting Money on Expensive Face Creams

Written by Karen Bryan

49p moisture creamDespite the evidence that expensive face creams don’t do the job any better than cheaper creams people are still paying crazy prices for high end products. For the last few months I’ve been using Beauty Formulas Gentle to Skin moisturisers. The Replenishing Moisture Lotion costs 49p for 150ml and the Light Hydrating Moisture Cream costs 49p for 100ml in Home Bargains. My skin is quite sensitive but both creams are perfume and colour free.

So why are the £50+ a pot face creams still selling? Either people are falling for the marketing hype of the expensive creams and/or they like to feel that they are giving themselves a treat. However, they could save themselves a few hundred pounds a year by using cheaper creams, which give the same result.

One Response to “Stop Wasting Money on Expensive Face Creams”

  1. Ha, ha, Karen; how true. In fact, a chemical analysis probably will show that it is the same stuff in different bottles anyway. I read somewhere (don’t judge the quality of my reading material, please) that one of the Kardashian girls has great skin because she uses honey; and of course a recomendation to get a cream containing honey for about £100 for a small tub. Now, I have been using a honey daily face cream for about six months now; I buy it in Sofia and a tub costs my about £2 – it is very good as well.