Free WiFi at the South Bank Centre in London

Written by Karen Bryan

View from this morning's office at South Bank Centre even has free wifiI arrived at Charing Cross early for my site visit to the Guoman hotel, the venue for the Write on Finance Blog Up #2. I thought I’d have time to walk over the pedestrian bridge to pay my first ever visit to the South Bank Centre. I managed to find a seat at a small table by the window with great views over the River Thames.  I’d read  that the South Bank Centre had free WiFi, so decided to try it out to check my emails. The WiFi signal was excellent and I didn’t even need to mess around with user names and passwords. There are lots of comfy chairs and sofas and I did see quite a few electical sockets. You also don’t feel under pressure to buy a drink the way that you do if you go into a cafe.

If you know of any other places where you can find free WiFi in London, please leave a comment.



2 Responses to “Free WiFi at the South Bank Centre in London”

  1. That’s really useful, particularly for our upcoming visit to the Write on Finance meeting!

  2. John – The London Blog Up Venue, the Guoman Charing Cross, has free WiFi. The South Bank Centre would be a good spot for coffe/lunch wiht a view.