Say No to Christmas Pressure

Written by Karen Bryan

I’ve already written about my dislike of overhyped celebrations, but with the annual Christmas frenzy beginning to gather pace, I feel another rant going on. I believe that people should be saying no to Christmas pressure. I’m sick of all the tales about people getting into debt to fund Christmas.

Forget the rosy picture of the lavish, idyllic Christmas portrayed in all the ads. Make a budget for all your Christmas spending including gifts, food, alcohol, nights out and stick to it.

If you can’t afford to buy Christmas gifts for all your family and friends, then don’t buy them. Don’t be embarrassed and feel under pressure to go out and spend money that you don’t have in order to keep up a front.  Explain to your family and friends that money is tight and that you’ll have to cut down on gifts. I’d suggest ditching Christmas presents for adults first, so that kids still get some presents. It may even be a positive thing if kids realise from an early age that having lots of stuff isn’t a surefire way to make you happy.

For me, the focus of Christmas is on spending time with loved ones. All the rest is just superfluous; great if you can afford it, but a sure fire path into debt if you can’t.

You can read lots of money saving tips on being festively frugal in the Carnival of Frugality, which I have hosted previously.

Are you saying no to Christmas presssure this year?


2 Responses to “Say No to Christmas Pressure”

  1. Something to my taste – I always feel very puzzled (and under pressure) around Christmas. I love the tree and the decorations and the festive spirit. What I don’t get is all these presents. People used to exchange small gifts, true, but this was during a time when they didn’t have much. Now the question is what do you get for people who have plenty and then some? I am going to be a minimalist this Christmas and that is that!

  2. I try to be creative and actually produce presents myself. I illustrate my own greetings cards and have them printed in thousands which I sell as well as send out to friends/family. I’m a painter too so spending the time on paintings I know people will like saves money on gifts. A gift that has been laboured over at minimal cost is a better gift in my opinion.

    You’re right about teaching kids about what is important in life. Having lots of personal possessions is pretty shallow anyway.