Discount & Cashback on Vistaprint Business Cards

Written by Karen Bryan

With the Write on Finance Tweet Up London and the Write on Finance Blog Up Leeds around the corner, I thought I’d better get some business cards printed. I looked around for the best money saving deals and saw that was offering a “£10 off orders over £20” discount code, plus £5 cashback on Vistaprint orders.

It was quite easy to upload my own logo and design the card on the Vistaprint website. However, you must be careful to proof your business card very carefully before submitting the order, as you really don’t want hundreds of cards with a typo in your contact details.

Initially, the price sounded quite low but it crept up with various additions such as £3.53 for uploading your own logo and £10 for colour printing on the back of the card. I stuck with the basic 300 grammes per square metre matte finish; it seemed a bit inappropriate to have a super glossy thick business card for a site about how to save money.  I selected the free standard delivery. The next price hike was the 20% VAT added to the total at checkout.

It toted up to just under £38 for 1,000 cards, which is £33 after the £5 cashback from TopCashBack. That works out at 3.3 pence per card. I also got a free metal card holder.

The cards took just over two weeks to arrive and the quality of printing was good. If you can find a good discounted and/or cashback deal, I’d recommend Vistaprint for your business cards.


One Response to “Discount & Cashback on Vistaprint Business Cards”

  1. I checked out Vistaprint initially for my business cards, and although it sounded cheap at first, by the time I got to the end of the checkout process it totalled at about £70 for 500 business cards!

    Your cashback deal sounds like the sweetener, but even with a special offer attached to it, Vistaprint is still primitive compared to other promo literature providers.

    I went with Leaflet Frog in the end, and they allowed me to send over my artwork as editable Photoshop files with all my layers intact plus the guides and crop marks.