Getting the Most from Groupon Vouchers

Written by Karen Bryan

grouponBased on my experience of using Groupon vouchers, here are my tips to help ensure that you do save money on travel and leisure.

Read All the Small Print Very Carefully

Some hotel deals are only valid Sunday to Thursday, some restaurant vouchers are only valid at specific times and/or for a special Groupon menu. Many London restaurant deals exclude service charges, so you may be presented with a bill for 12.5% of the full menu price of what you’ve eaten at the end of your meal. Some offers expire a couple of weeks after purchase, others run for months. You need to check the booking period for the deal and exactly follow all the booking instructions. Some travel deals include flights, some are accommodation only. There may be supplements for travel on specific dates or from other airports.

Make a Booking As Soon as You Receive Your E-Voucher

Get in quickly to try to book on the dates/times that suit you best, as there may be limited availability. Booking quickly also diminishes the chance of you forgetting about the voucher and basically losing the money, never mind saving money.

More Opportunity to Use Groupon Vouchers in Your Home Patch

There are no local deals where we live in Berwick upon Tweed, so if I buy vouchers for another city, I’m going to have limited opportunity to redeem these vouchers. If you live in a large city you can be more flexible about usage. If you’re going to travel a fair distance specifically to use your voucher, ask yourself is it really such a good deal. We meet up for lunch with our sons in Edinburgh and Glasgow regularly, so I’m always on the lookout for money saving restaurant offers in these cities.

Check Out Flight Availability/Price Before Buying Overseas Accommodation

There’s not much point in getting a great deal on your accommodation if you have to pay through the nose for flights, or if the flight days to the destination from your local airport don’t coincide with the exclusions on the accommodation voucher.

Your Experience of Using Groupon Vouchers

You can leave a comment letting us know what you think of Groupon vouchers.

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Disclosure & Warning

This article is based on my personal experience and research. Please read the terms and conditions very carefully before making a purchase. I will receive a commission if you buy any Groupon deals through the links in this article.

4 Responses to “Getting the Most from Groupon Vouchers”

  1. I am always very careful to read the fine print. I have got a couple of fantastic deals from Groupon (including some of the national deals like a matress). The restaurant experiences I have had have been great, but I always avoid the weekends (even if it is allowed) as it is just too busy! One of the first vouchers I bought was for a Nepalese takeaway and the shop had NO idea how busy it would get – we ended up waiting almost 2 hours for our food… and that was for collection! Nice Tips 🙂

  2. I’ll be reviewing another three Groupon restaurant deals over the coming days when I’m in London. There’s a lot of variation between restaurant offers, with some you can choose anything from the menu, others have all sorts of exclusions. Plus in London they still bill you for the service charge.

  3. You might be interested in entering my Groupon competition! 🙂

  4. @SavvyScot I’ve entered your £50 Groupon giveaway.

    BTW can you make it to the Write on Finance Tweet Up in London on Monday?