Are Money Off Vouchers Pants?

Written by Karen Bryan

money off vouchersEvery so often we get money off vouchers from Tesco. The catch is we usually have to spend £40 to redeem the vouchers. Quite often my husband will nip up to Tesco on his bicycle to buy a few items, so Tesco must’ve twigged that we need an incentive to spend more in their store. When using the voucher, we try to only buy things we need, so end up stocking up on non-perishables such as soap powder and cereals. There’s certainly no point in buying things you don’t use in order to save money.

As it’s hard to keep track of the total of our shopping, I usually add a pack of pants to the trolley which I put behind the next customer divider, ready to add to our shopping if the total is below £40. However the total has always been above £40, so I’ve always been able to leave the store pantless.

Do you think that money off vouchers make you spend more money than you intended, rather than help you to save money?

(For non-Brits reading this, pants are underwear but also a colloquial term for rubbish/a waste of time.)

This artcle was included in the Totally Money Carnival – All the Good Shows are Coming Back Edition.