Free Debt Advice & Solutions from Payplan

Written by Karen Bryan

Your Debt Needs - Payplan - Free Debt Solutions
If you live in the UK and are in debt, Payplan can help you free of charge. They won’t charge you any fees, even if they assist you to set up an Individual Voluntary Agreement, or a Debt Management Plan. Some companies charge up to two months payments as a set up fee for a Debt Management Plan, plus a montly fee of between £35 – £100. Payplan can offer this free service as they are funded by donations from credit companies and banks such as Santander, Nationwide, MBNA and M&S Money.

The Payplan site has a calculator which allows you to work out the savings you can make by using their free service. I entered a debt of £10,000 being paid back at £100 a month. You’d save £4,285 in fees using Payplan’s free service, compared to the average fees charged by a debt management company. It’s amazing to think that you’d be paying almost half of what you owed in fees.

So if you’re worried about being in debt, you can get in touch with Payplan either by email or on a free phone number, 0800 280 2816, between 8am to 9pm on weekdays and 9am – 3pm on Saturdays, for free advice and practical help.

The site also has articles on topics like saving money, making a budget and divorce.