How to Be Successful

Written by Karen Bryan

success quote 1The first part of working out how to be successful is to define what success means to you. I don’t think it’s just about making money, being rich and having lots of possessions; although that seems to be a large part of success to many people. It could also be getting recognition and respect from other people whose opinion you value, setting up your own business, or having a good relationship with your spouse/partner. You could end up putting all your time and energy into work, earning and saving money for the future and have little, or no, opportunity to enjoy your personal life by doing things with your family and/or pursuing your own hobbies and interests. It’s back to the old chesnut of can you have it all?

It’s hard not to be too influenced by what’s going on around you and come up with your own measures of success.

You have to hit the balance of motivating yourself to achieve your goals without putting yourself under enormous pressure to attain them, which might result in feeling like a failure if you fall short. Sometimes you may even feel successful simply because you had the guts to try to do something outside your own comfort zone.