Why You Sbould Join the Zero Credit Co-op

Written by Karen Bryan

zero creditI’m a member of the Zero Credit co-op, which strives to help us all find creative ways to have a decent standard of living that’s not based on debt. You’ll find plenty of tips on credit free living, ways to save and resources such as a budget planner, an online debt tool and smartphone finance apps on the site.  It’s not about complete eradication of debt, but trying to prevent borrowing which is likely to be problematic. It only costs a £1 a year to become a member of the Zero Credit co-op.

As consumers of financial products, we need to make informed choices and master our money, using it as a tool to live the life we want. My husband and I have made the decision to live debt free. The only serious debts we had in the past were mortgages, which we paid off as soon as possible. Fortunately we benefited from a period of rising house prices. However, any time that you take out a loan or credit, you should think of the worse case scenario and work out how you are going to deal with your debts if you financial circumstances worsen.

There could be some unexpected benefits to being a Zero Credit member; I was able to take part in the Morrison M Savers Recipe Challenge after reading about it in the Zero Credit newsletter.

In order to retain impartiality and independence, the Zero Credit  site is funded by memberships, business subscription fees and by charging for carrying out research into personal finance.

You can also find Zero Credit on Twitter and Facebook.

I’m delighted that Emma Bryn-Jones, Business Development Director of  Zero Credit, is one of the speakers at the Write on Finance Blog Up Leeds which runs 22-23 September 2012.