Work from Anywhere?

Written by Karen Bryan

284: Working from homeThere an awful lot written about being able to earn money from anywhere as a “location independent” worker. I can only relate my own experiences. In theory, as a self employed online publisher and blogger, I can work from any location that has a decent broadband connection and a reliable elecriticity supply (to charge mobile phones and laptops).

We currently live in Berwick upon Tweed in north east England. We moved to Berwick in 2006 from Stirling, in central Scotland, when my husband found a job in Newcastle Upon Tyme. The only things I had to do when we moved home were get new business cards with my change of address and phone number and change these details on my website.

The fact that you can choose the location in which you want to live, as opposed to having to live withing striking distance of your job, can enable you to get the life you want. If you can live in a country/region where rent/house prices are lower, you can save money compared to say paying rent/mortgage in an expensive city like London. If your living expenses e.g. housing costs and no commuting (if you are home based) are lower, then you can either live on less or save more of your earnings.

However getting online is always that straightforward, even with I have a permanent base.  Our broadband connection is not the fastest but perfectly adequate for me  However the broadband was down for around one week on two separate occasions a couple of years ago. Although I had an O2 mobile broadband USB modem, it had a very slow connection. As a consequence my work productivity took a dive.

For me, a major downside to being a location independent worker is the fact that you still can’t beat personal face to face communication. Yes, you can have “virtual” contact through social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and web-cam Skype calls but if where you live is a bit remote, like Berwick upon Tweed, it restricts the number of events/networking opportunites you can attend. I also think if you are trying to pitch for new clients/sponsorship, meeting the potential clients/sponsors in person, can increase you chances of getting the contract.