I’m Sick of Over-hyped Celebrations

Written by Karen Bryan

I’m getting sick fed up of the never ending hype over a succession of events throughout the year.  At the moment it’s all Mother’s Day gifts and cards, which started as soon as the Valentine’s Day nonsense stopped. Next it’ll be Easter. Are we so lacking in imagination and events personal to ourselves that we need all this pre-packaged deluge? I’d rather celebrate something like our wedding anniversary or the day we met, than a universal romance fest on the 14th of February. Don’t get me started on Christmas, with people ending up in debt to live out all that perfect family day with all the trimmings.

But maybe these events are one of the few things propping up the UK economy, if consumers feel they have to go out and spend some money buying presents and cards?

I’m not advocating acting like a miser with no celebrations, fun or presents; but at least choose the dates on which you do this yourself, instead of following the herd.  Why not buy your Mum a bunch of flowers anytime of year, don’t hold back until Mother’s Day! Why go out specifically on Valentine’s Day, when restaurants will be crowded and prices upped? You don’t even need to spend a lot of money, as they say “it’s the thought that  counts”. There are ways to save, such as making your own cards or gifts, instead of buying mass produced ones.