Finance in Your 50s – My Money Podcast #11

Written by Karen Bryan

My Money Podcast #11 covers the articles below:

Finance in Your 50s – My Money Podcast #11 (mp3)

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Money in Your 50s – This article on finance in your 50s was my contribution to Women’s Money Week on Help Me To Save. I also wrote an article for that site about entrepreneurship pitfalls to avoid.

Work from Anywhere? – Being able to earn from home can be of great appeal, but is it really feasible?

Why You Should Always Carry 2 Bank Cards – It’s wise to carry a minimum of two bank cards from different financial institutions in case any of the banks computer systems have a glitch and you are unable to use one of the cards.

Haven Holidays – Offer fun UK budget holidays for families; we used to go there often when our twin sons were young.