Review of Rufus Roo Travel Jacket

Written by Karen Bryan

It can be hard to fit all  your luggage into the one carry on bag allowed by the budget airlines. They’re generally pretty strict about enforcing the one bag limit at the boarding gate. If you want to carry more luggage, without paying for hold luggage, one of the ways to save is to buy a Rufus Roo jacket which allows you to carry up to another 10 kgs of luggage in your pockets. The jacket has two enormous pockets at waist level, another two large pockets at chest level plus two normal size pockets.

I bought my Rufus Roo jacket on Amazonat a price of £26 including postage. However, only the black jacket with red zips in large was for sale at that price, all other adult sizes and colours cost £30 including postage. It’s also worth checking out the prices on the Rufus Roo site; the adult jackets cost £30, although they charge £3.50 for postage. They sometimes have special offers such as save £10 when you buy two jackets.

I reckon you could very quickly recoup the £30 it costs to buy the jacket by saving on hold luggage charges and avoiding any over size or weight cabin luggage fines at the boarding gate.