Getting a Discount from BT

Written by Karen Bryan

BT discountI managed to get BT to knock £7 off our monthly line rental, unlimited broadband & inclusive UK calls package by signing up to a 12 month contract. This brought  the price down from £44 a month to £37, a saving of around 15%. Many cheap broadband deals e.g. Tesco & O2 aren’t available where we live (in Berwick upon Tweed). However, BT do offer unlimited BT OpenZone WiFi which I’ve used at many UK airports.

I’ve described how you can get a discount from your exising supplier in my articles how to save on home insurance (when Direct Line knocked £48 off their renewal price) and when Vodafone offered me a discounted deal to stay with them when my previous contract ended. It’s really important to do some research into what other suppliers are offering. You should also check if there are any penalties if you cancel the service before the end of the contract. Aim for a sensible price reduction and be persistent but polite.

However, it’s unlikely that your supplier is going to contact you to discuss ways to save, you’ll need to be proactive if you want to save money and keep a lid on your living expenses.