T-Mobile Pay Up Front Mobile Internet

Written by Karen Bryan

tmobile mobile internetAs my current eighteen month O2 mobile internet contract expires soon, I’ve been looking around for a new supplier. Unfortuntately, I can’t find any deals as good as my current one, where I was able to claim back the cost of 13 months rental from mobiles.co.uk, plus get my first three months at half price through an O2 offer. I’ve decided to try out a T-Mobile mobile internet pay up front deal for 3 months, at a cost of £30 for 3GB of data. As I’ve never used T-Mobile mobile broadband I wanted to try it out before committing to a long contract. I am tempted by the T-Mobile £10 a month 1GB 18 month contract, as I don’t do much downloading when I’m away from home and T-Mobile say that you will always be able to surf and email even if you exceed the montly 1GB limit, under their Fair Use policy.

I bought the T-Mobile dongle through the TopCashBack site. Amazingly, as I only spent £30, it is showing as a £50.50 cashback. However, even if the cashback from TopCashBack doesn’t materialise, it’s still a good deal to try T -Mobile mobile broadband for 3 months and £30 was the lowest price I could find for this package.

The sim card and usb modem were delivered by courier the next working day, with no additional charges for delivery. It was straightforward to install the software and I was able to get online on a fast 3G connection. I like the fact that the 3 months mobile internet usage starts on the day when you first connect, so you can buy the package in advance.

3 Mobile Broadband Pay Up Front

I’ve also reviewed the 3 mobile internet 12 month pay up front 12GB package, costing £90 before cashback.


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