Samsung Wave 2 S8530 Review

Written by Karen Bryan


The Samsung Wave 2 S8530, priced at £130 on the Debenhams website, has a large 3.7″ touchscreen and is a good buy for those who aren’t bothered about downloading lots of apps.

Samsung Wave 2 S8530 review

I’m a big Samsung fan. I’ve had a Samsung Jet phone for over two years. I tried an HTC Wildfire S and just didn’t like it. I did quite a bit of research and deduced that the best phone to replace my increasingly outdated Jet was a Samsung Wave 2 S8530. The Jet was becoming troublesome during photo and video uploading and I fancied having the larger screen of the Wave.

I purchased a Samsung Wave 2 S8530 mobile phone for £130 on the Debenhams website. This was a good price as I’ve seen the phone costing up to twice this price on other shoping sites.  I was delighted with Debenhams combination of the lowest price available and great customer service. If you shop at Debenhams through the TopCashBack site, you can get 3% cashback.

One of the critcisms of the Samsung S8530 was that it runs of Samsung’s own Bada operation system, so there aren’t that many apps to download. I’m not interested in apps, I only want to be able to make calls, send texts, check my emails, update my Twitter and Facebook streams and take and upload reasonable quality photos and videos with my phone. I can do all these things easily and quickly on the Samsung Wave 2 S8530.

Samsung Wave 2 S8530 reviewI’m happy with the quality of photos and videos taken with the Samsung Wave 2 S8530 and it’s much easier to upload them to Flickr, Facebook and YouTube than from the Samsung Jet phone.

Samsung Wave 2 S8530 reviewFor ne the only negative about the Wave is that I preferred the black background and white text on the Samsung Jet touchscreen qwerty keyboard (easier to read), to the white backgroud and black text on the Wave.


This article is based on my personal research, requirements and usage. I will receive a commission if you make a purchase on the Debenhams site through the links in this article.