Doing Company Research Before Investing

Written by Karen Bryan

Making Sense of Cat Prodding and BouncingWe’re getting pretty frustrated with our savings losing value due to the toxic combination of high inflation and low interest rates. I’m generally risk averse and very nervous about investing in stocks and shares because of the possible loss of capital. I’m already exposed to the stock market through my stakeholder pension, but we’re tempted to try some share trading to maintain the spending power of our savings. I’d do as much research as possible on companies in which I was considering investing, by carrying out a company search. However you have to bear in mind that past performance (good or bad) won’t necessarily be replicated in the future

On the Duedil, short for due dilligence, site you can find all the financial information available from Companies House free of charge. You can see the history of the company directors, the firm’s assets and related companies. You can download a pdf of the most recent company accounts. There’s also a list of similar companies if you’re looking to invest in a specific sector and what to compare options.