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Written by Karen Bryan

3 mobile internetI decided to give 3 mobile internet a try. 3 usually have some good offers but I’ve read that their coverage can be patchy away from major cities. I did a check on their site and evidently my home address and the hotel at which I stay most often in Edinburgh both have excellent mobile internet coverage. Although I don’t plan on using my mobile internet at home, where I have a fixed line connection, it’s essential for me to have a back up option to get online to work if my fixed line connection goes down.

I selected the 12 month 12 GB Pay As You Go + 12 package for £90. You can use the 12 GB anytime over a 12 month period which starts on the day you make the purchase. This flexibility is useful for me as my UK travel is irregular, some months I may hardly use mobile internet on my netbook and other months it could be used frequently. Also if I find that coverage is good, I may sign up for a contract on 3 mobile broadband. Whereas I don’t want to sign up for a long contract to discover coverage is indeed patchy.

I bought the 3 mobile internet package through a link on the TopCashBack site which was offering a £12.12 cashback on 3 Pay As You Go mobile broadband. This cashback took more than two months to be displayed in my TopCashback account. However I’ve taken my own advice on using TopCashBack.co.uk and bought the product at the lowest price I could find, so even if I don’t get the cashback it’ll still be a good buy.

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I didn’t like the fact that 3 charges £1.95 for postage and packing, as most retailers offer this free of charge.

It was easy to install the software after plugging in the USB modem (dongle) to my netbook and I was happily surprised to get a full strength 3G connection in Berwick upon Tweed. I’ll be testing the signal in various locations through the UK over the next few months.

T-Mobile Pay Up Front Mobile Broadband

I’ve also reviewed the T-Mobile Internet 3 month pay up front 3GB package which costs £30, before cashback.


This article is based on my research and personal understanding of the product. Please read all terms and conditions carefully before making a purchase. I will earn commission if you make a purchase through the links in this article.

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