Four Great UK Personal Finance Blogs

Written by Karen Bryan

uk personal finance blogsHere are four of my favourite UK personal finance blogs, where you’ll find more tips on saving money and being frugal.

Sterling Effort

Sterling Effort is authored by 20-somethings, Ash and Jay, who offer financial know-how on making, saving and growing your money. I like Sterling Effort because it’s very down to earth and upbeat.

The Lean Times

I like the Lean Times strapline of “lush living with thrift”.  It agrees with my sentiment that you can still enjoy life while saving money and planning for the future. This UK personal finance blog is written by Vivinna, an American living in London.

Money Watch

Robert Lewis focuses on using technology to manage your money in Money Watch. I believe that the internet has made it easier to manage you money with online banking, price comparison sites and regularly updated best buy tables.

Miss Thrifty

Miss Thrifty is a Yorkshire lass with a craving for saving. The blog recently won the Best Lifestyle Blog in the Cosmopolitan Awards and Best International Personal Finance Blog at the Plutus Awards.