Written by Karen Bryan

topcashbackCashback sites can be a great money saving tool. offers some of the best cashback rates. I like them because there’s no annual fee and no minimum threshold for withdrawing your cashback. Plus you currently get £10 (normally £5) for everyone that you refer to the site, who then goes on to earn a minimum of £10 in cashback.

I recommend that you only use uk cashback sites if you can find the lowest price with a supplier which is featured on that cashback site. That way you’re guaranteed not to lose out. Whereas if you pay more for the product because of a higher cashback and the cashback  doesn’t materialise, you’ll be out of pocket.  You should also be aware that you may have to wait for months to get your cashback.

I’ve writen about an example of using TopCashBack to purchase a Kindle with a cashback of 3%.

If you use for several purchases over a year e.g. a mobile phone contract, car insurance and hotel bookings, you could earn at £200 – £300 in cashback.  But that will only be a true saving if you have first checked that you are paying the lowest price before you make your purchase through TopCashBack.

If you refer a few members of your family and/or friends to TopCashBack you could earn a bit more money.


This article is based on my personal research and understanding of I will receive a commission if you join using the links in the article and then go on to earn a minimum of £10 in cashback.


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