Save on Buying a Kindle in the UK

Written by Karen Bryan

One of our sons asked for a Kindle e-reader for his Christmas gift. Being a canny Scot, I always do some price comparisons before buying anything to see if a I can save money by sniffing out out the lowest price. However £89 seems to be the set price for a Kindle in the UK. This is pretty unusual as generally you can find quite a variation in prices of electronic products in the UK.

I decided to buy the Kindle at Tesco Direct, to get 1% of the price as Clubcard points. However by purchasing at Tesco through the site, you can get 3% cashback on purchases made at Tesco Direct. You click through to the Tesco Direct site from the TopCashBack site, to ensure correct tracking. I’ve cautioned against using UK cashback sites unless you are already buying at the lowest possible price. But as £89 was the cheapest price, you won’t be out of pocket even if there is a problem with TopCashBack.

As I used my Halifax Clarity Card to pay for the Kindle, I’ll receive a cashback of £1.47 (approx 1.65%) on that transaction.

Therefore an £89 Kindle can end up costing £83.97, a total saving of £5.03,  detailed below (assuming you get the money from TopCashBack)

  • £2.67 cashback from
  • £0.89 in Tesco clubcard points
  • £1.47 cashback from the Halifax Clarity Card

It may seem like too much effort to save a few pounds, but if you always shop around for the lowest price, then check out cashback sites and pay by cashback credit card, you can cut spending significantly.


The post is based on my research and understanding. Please check all terms and conditions carefully before using cashback sites and making any purchases online. I will receive a commission if you sign up to using the links in this article and go on to reach a cashback threshold of £10.00 of payable or claimed transactions.