What Do I Want from Life?

Written by Karen Bryan

what do I want from lifeAs they say, if you don’t know where you’re headed it’s unlikely that you’ll get there.  However, it can be hard to decide what you want from life. There’s no set formula for how best to live your life. I’m not convinced that it’s possible to have it all; the exciting, well paid job, a happy family and social life and time to pursue your interests. Below are some criteria to consider when planning for your future.

Financial Security

While having lots of money can’t guarantee that you’ll be happy, knowing that you can comfortably cover living expenses can make you feel more relaxed. If you contribute more to your pension it’ll permit the possibility of early retirement.

Leisure Time

If you have lots of travel and leisure interests you’ll want to have the cash and/or the free time to pursue them.

Having Kids

Having kids is an enormous emotional and financial commitment, but can give you great joy. I loved it when our sons were young, as they were such fun to be around.

Good Health

I know it’s such a cliché, but you really don’t appreciate having good health until you have a problem with your health. I’ve been having problems with toothache and I’m wishing I’d looked after my teeth a lot better when I was younger.


Some people are quite happy to stay single and others prefer to be in a long term relationship. The ancient Greeks said you can measure success by the number of friends that you have. It can be hard to put enough time and effort into relationships if  you commute, work long hours and/or have other commitments.


If you spend around 50 years of your life working, you really want to be doing something that you enjoy and gives you a reasonable income. It seems that the “jobs for life” scenario is disappearing fast, so maybe we’ll all have more of a portfolio career. I didn’t give career/work enough thought when I was younger, partly as I never had a clear idea what I wanted to do.


Some people are looking for adrenalin highs and easily tire of routine. Having a challenge can be a positive thing as long as it doesn’t create too much stress and disappointment if you don’t quite hit your target.