I’m Tescoffed with Tesco’s Clubcard Exchange

Written by Karen Bryan

Tesco voucher exchangeI’m Tescoffed with the Tesco Clubcard Exchange. I’ve previously written that Tesco should streamline it’s Clubcard Exchange by allowing you to do the exchange when you present you Clubcard vouchers at checkout, instead of having to either print out the exchange vouchers at home or queue up at the in-store Customer Services desk to do the exchange. When I received my Clubcard vouchers and the Christmas exchange details, I read that you could get 4 times the voucher value at restaurants such as Bella Italia and Pizza Express.

I am off to London a couple of days later, so I thought some restaurant vouchers would help me spend less during my trip. I assumed I’d be able to enter my online voucher codes and then print my vouchers. However, you have to apply for the voucher exchange online and then Tesco post the restaurant vouchers to you within five working days.

Why, oh why, can’t the Tesco Clubcard Exchange be quick, simple and easy for customers? Could it be that Tesco are hoping we can’t be bothered to jump through the hoops to claim and redeem the exchange vouchers?