Swishing: Quality Clothes on the Cheap

Written by Karen Bryan

swishingIf you’re looking to get some new clobber without spending a tidy sum, my money saving tip is to go swishing. Basically it’s clothes swapping except it doesn’t have to be a straight swap. You can swish online; the Swishing.co.uk site offers virtual credits for designer and branded clothes that you send to them (post free). When you order an item on the site you can either pay in virtual credits or by card, but you will have to pay a 50 pence handling fee plus a minimum postage charge of £3.95.

I wasn’t that tempted by anything I saw on the site, as there was hardly anything in larger sizes. I reckon I can find the clothes I need in sales, as I prefer to try on items before buying. If I do online shopping I’ll only use a site such as Debenhams where I can return unwanted items free of charge. On Swishing.co.uk you can re-upload unwanted items and send back by freepost if Swishing approve/make a virtual money offer for these items. However if you want a straight 100% refund of your virtual money credits, you’ll have to pay the postage on items you wish to return.

I reckon that the most straightforward way to swish is to go to a swishing party, if there are any held in your area. You’ll need to take along at least one item of quality used clothing and for each piece of clothing you take along you can choose one item of clothing donated by another party goer. Then you can try on the item before deciding if you want to keep it, put it back on the clothes rack and try something else.