Money Go Round Carnival November 2011

Written by Karen Bryan

Welcome to the Money Go Round Carnival November 2011 which showcases money saving tips to help you live the life you want while saving more and spending less.

Miss T suggest ways of reducing the $100 worth of food that the average US family throws away  every month. If you’re like Food constitutes a high proportion of our current spending, so I’ve written some tips on how to save on food.

On the same topic Marie underlines the importance of making a shopping list (and sticking to it) before to visiting the supermarket.  I reckon that doing grocery shopping online on a price comparison site such as MySupermarket can also help you spend less on food.

YFS describes how he saved his family $270,000 by ditching a higher rate mortgage payable over 30 years to a mortgage with a lower interest rate payable over 15  years. It is amazing how much you can save if you shop around for the lowest rate mortgage over a shorter repayment period.

Kelsey asserts that good old lemon juice is the around house do-it-all; among its many uses are hair lightening, all purpose cleaning and ant deterrent.

Jon proffers some wise way to save money including ditching designers labels and doing your own home decoration.

J.E. Cornett cautions against letting your child’s education bankrupt you. I can certainly relate to that after our twins son’s university education even although we were fortunate in that they were Scottish residents studying in Scotland so didn’t have to pay any fees.

P.F. talks about the dual benefits of fitness and saving money to be gained by walking or cycling to work. Well as I work from home, it’s too short a walk to my office to increase my fitness levels.

Pam suggest some Affordable Art: 3 Ways to Decorate for Less. I written about unleashing your creativity as way of enjoying life more and if you can also decorate your home with unique pieces there’s a double benefit.

SM gives us 11 Car Buying Tips To Get The Best New Car Price. We’ve recently been at the receiving end of some very flippant behaviour from car salesmen, prompting me to question if they live in a parallel universe.

Caron has a very practical list of money saving tips which she’s used. That is apart from tip no 10 about hair in which she states that the only time you spend money to colour your hair is when it’s grey. I’m quite happy with my grey hair and in fact many people think it is coloured.

The next Money Go Round Carnival will be published on Sunday 4 December 2011, click here to submit. Please note that I will select the ten best money saving tips submitted and that if you submission is included you must agree to link back to the Carnival.