Wealth Creation Courses

Written by Karen Bryan

how to become rich'I read on the BBC news website today that wealth creation seminars are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. This type of how to become rich course makes me feel uneasy and I suspect that there’s a much higher likelihood of the course creators/deliverers making money than the course attendees. I’d assert that if people really do possess the skills and knowledge to create weatlth,  why are they bothering to run how to get rich courses?

Now you could argue that by paying money for such a course it means you are serious about taking control of your money and will be more serious about taking steps to increase your income and net worth. That’s got to be a good thing because you need to do sit down and work out what you want from life and how you plan to achieve it.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a sure-fire magic formula to becoming rich. You’ll probably have to make some sacrifices in your current lifestyle, get promotion at work, start your own successful business and/or  take some risks with your savings to accumulate wealth. If you pay to attend a how to become rich seminar, the only certainty is that you’ll part with the course fee.

This article was included in the Totally Money Carnival #47: Prelude to a New Year on 19 December 2011.