Why You Should Complain About Poor Service from Your Bank

Written by Karen Bryan

halifax customer serviceI’ve been getting the run around recently from Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) who don’t seem quite sure if they are part of the same company or not. I was passed back and forward between Bank of Scotland and Halifax call centres when trying to make arrangments for the maturity balance of a Halifax Guaranteed Reserve savings account into another Halifax account. I was assured that the funds would arrive in my nominated Halifax account on the maturity date of 1 November 2011.

However there was no sign of the my savings in the nominated account on the day, so I had to phone up to find out what was happening. I was then told that the money would take three days to be transferred. I thought it was ridiculous that an internal transfer should take three days.  I complained about the poor Halifax customer service; explaining that I’d spent at least three hours on the phone trying to get this transfer arranged and that I was losing interest by the maturity balance of the Guranteed Reserve account being in limbo for three days. I was told that £30 compensation would be paid into my Halifax Reward Current account.

After a few days with no sign of the £30 in my current account, I was beginning to think I was just told I’d be given compensation to get me off the phone. However on 11 November I received a cheque for £30 in the mail.

So if you aren’t happy with the service you’re receiving from your bank, make a complaint and explain why you are asking for compensation. Make sure that you stay calm; be polite but insistent.

This article was included in the TotallyMoney Friday Grapevine on 18 November 2011.