Bank of Scotland Won’t Assist with Halifax Accounts Admin

Written by Karen Bryan

halifax branchesI discovered that Bank of Scotland branches won’t assist with the admin of Halifax accounts, when I tried to make an appointment at our local Bank of Scotland to do the paperwork for transferring Cash ISAs held with other providers into my Halifax ISA Saver Direct account. Last year our local Bank of Scotland branch was able to assist with a Cash ISA transfer into a Halifax account. I thought that Halifax and Bank of Scotland were part of the same company HBOS?

The local Bank of Scotland branch told me that they could only assist me with the Cash ISA transfers if I did the transfer into a Bank of Scotland Cash ISA. I checked the instant access Bank of Scotland Cash ISA interest rate and it was paying 2.4% variable. I’m getting 3% variable plus a 0.2% reward bonus (as I have a qualifying Halifax Reward Current account) on my Halifax ISA Saver Direct.

As our nearest Halifax branch is in Alnwick, a 60 mile return drive, I decided to fill out the forms myself. The local Bank of Scotland have said I can take the cash ISA transfer forms in there and they will sent the forms to the Halifax by internal mail.

As far as I’m concerned this semi demerger of Halifax and Bank of Scotland is a pain in the neck with no regard for Halifax customer service. I’ve banked with the Halifax for more than 30 years and been fairly happy with their customer service until recently.