Top 5 Articles on Help Me To Save in September 2011

Written by Karen Bryan

popular articles September 2011Below are the five most popular articles on Help Me To Save during September 2011.

How Not To Spend Money

In How Not To Spend Money I give eight money saving tips including not going to sales to spend money in order to (supposedly) save money and buying a flask for trips and days out as you can easily end up spending over £10 on a few hot drinks.

Cut Spending by 10% Challenge

Why not take our Cut Spending by 10% Challenge. Now you will have to do a make a bit of effort to achieve this but unless you’re already being very frugal, a 10% cut in your spending shouldn’t be too painful. It’s not all about saving money though, the trick is to combine that with enjoying your life and planning for the future.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Self Employment

I get rather fed up with all the hype about taking control of your life & breaking free of the corporate chains by becoming self employed. I attempt to give an objective analysis on the good and bad point in my article Advantages & Disadvantages of Self Employment.

Take Lunch to Work to Save Money

I estimate that you can save hundreds of pounds a year by taking lunch to work.  You’ll need to get organised to ensure your supermarket shopping so you have the necessary supplies to hand & get in a routine of when is the best time to prepare your lunch.

Can I Live on Less

I’d say probably yes; we had to live on less when my husband took early retirement and I gave my day job to be a full time online publisher. You’ll have to look at creative ways to save but living frugally and being smart with money could help give you the life you want.