Three Monthly £100,000 Prizes in Halifax Savers Prize Draw

Written by Karen Bryan

Bank of Scotland £10 BanknoteIf you have a qualifying Halifax or Bank of Scotland savings account(s) with a balance of at least £5,000, you can enter their Savers Prize Draw. There will be a prize draw every month starting in December 2011, with three tax free prizes of £100,000 each month.

As I already have savings with the Halifax, I thought I’d enter as I’ve nothing to lose. It’s easy to register for the Halifax Saver’s Prize Draw, you just need to fill out a short online form with the account number and sort code of at least one of your existing qualifying accounts. I did wonder why you had to register though, as you’d think it’d be simple enough for the Halifax and Bank of Scotland to enter all qualifying customers into the prize draw, but maybe it’s something to do with the Data Protection Act and/or the banks think they’ll get more publicity this way?

You can download a pdf with all the terms and conditions on the link on this page.