Halifax Balance Transfer Card: O% for 22 Months

Written by Karen Bryan

halifax balance transfer credit cardI’ve already written about the Halifax All in One Credit Card which currently (2 October 2011) offers 13 months interest free credit on balance transfers and new purchases. However if you’re more interested in a longer interest free credit period for balance transfers, currently 22 months, and your balance is under £3000, then the Halifax Balance Transfer Credit Card may better suit your needs.

There’s a 3.5% balance transfer fee on the Halifax Balance Transfer Credit Card but if you’re paying a standard rate of interest of around 18% on your existing credit card balance, getting a 0% deal on that balance is looking like a great deal. As ever, it’s only a great deal if you stick rigidly to all the terms and conditions, such as making the monthly minimum payment of !% of your balance.

I’d also advise you to save up the money to pay off your full balance at the end of the 22 month interest free period, as you can never be sure that you that there will be good interest free deals for which you are eligible at that time.

You must have an annual income of £20,000 or more to apply. Representative APR of 17.9%.

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This article is based on my personal research and understanding of the product. Please carefully read all the terms and conditions of the credit card before signing up. I will receive a commission if you sign up and are accepted for a Halifax Balance Transfer Credit Card through the link in this article.