Take Lunch to Work To Save Hundreds of Pounds a Year

Written by Karen Bryan

take lunch to workYou could save you hundreds of pounds a year if you take your own lunch to work, compared to going out to a sandwich bar or takeaway. You may think that you’re too busy to be bothered preparing sandwiches or a salad to take into work. But the chances are you could do this preparation while you are getting your evening meal ready, rather than leaving it until the morning, when you are likely to be in a rush.

The other benefit of taking your lunch to work is that it could be a lot healthier than something you buy in a bakery or takeaway. You’ll need to be organised when you do your grocery shopping to make sure that you have your packed lunch ingredients to hand.  Food eats up a high proportion of  living expenses so I’m always looking for ways to to save on food while still eating well.