How to Save on Food

Written by Karen Bryan

When making a budget you can see that food makes up a fair proportion of your spending. Our food spending is almost 20% of our living expenses. If you want to eat well and save on food here are some tips.

Do Your Shopping Online To Avoid Temptation

If you do your grocery shopping online you are far more likely to stick to items that you need than if you walk around the supermarket.  Although delivery charges come in between £3.50 – £6.00, you can save more than being tempted into buying additional items and you don’t drive to the supermarket to do your shopping.

Use an Online Price Comparison Site

If you do your food shopping on the MySupermarket price comparison site you’ll be able to make your purchase at the supermarket which offers the lowest price for your combination of goods.  The MySupermarket site also flags up similar items at lower prices.

Make the Most of Free Food

My husband Demetrius goes sea fishing so we usually have a supply of fish like cod and mackerel to eat. He also makes jam and chutney from local wild fruit.

Go to Different Shops

Although time consuming, this is probably one of the best ways to save on food. If you were to drive around various shops, the cost of this would probably negate any savings. However if you walk or cycle, you can get some exercise too.  You need to be on the look out for special offers and reduced for quick sale items.

Don’t Buy Ready Made Meals

Ready made meals are great as an occasional treat and some are very good quality, but at a price.  For meals that freeze well e.g. stews, cook twice the amount than you’ll eat for at one sitting and either freeze half or eat the rest in a couple of days.

Buy What’s in Season

If you stick to fruit and veg which are in season they’ll probably be better quality, tastier and cheaper.

Shop Online at Discount Stores

Online stores such as Approved Food and Food Bargains sell discounted items close to, or recently past, their “best before” dates.  However you have to factor in delivery charges.