Money Go Round Carnival September 2011

Written by Karen Bryan

Welcome to the first edition of the Money Go Round Carnival in September 2011, bringing you money saving tips from various contributors. While a few of the tips are location dependent, they may still be of some relevance wherever you live and/or are of interest for comparison.

Charles Chua C K gives us of 7 Reasons To Save. I agree that habit does play a part in savings, as I’ve set aside money for savings since I was in my early teens. However I think that everyone should train themselves to save to build up some financial backup as illustrated in my article How Much Should I Save.

Zhu warns of Things That Get You into Financial Trouble. Although written for immigrants to Canada, much is relevant to us all, such as being self disciplined with credit cards to avoid charges like late payment fees.

Patrick Mann has 6 Tips for Students to Save Money. Patrick is an Australian high school student planning to take a gap year round the world trip.

Lauren diaz offers 10 Wayss to Save on Camping Trips. I must admit camping isn’t really my cup of tea, I’d rather try to find a cheap hotel room using the HotelsCombined price comparison site.

Charles Chua CK advises of Five Ways of Negotiating a Credit Card Deal including comparing various providers and asking your current provider for a better deal so that you don’t jump ship to another provider. This is a similar to the ploy used by me described in my article How to Save on Home Insurance.

I was interested to read Good Student Car Insurance Discounts by US based Jeff. I’ve never heard of discounted insurance rates being offered to students with high school grades being available in the UK. I’ve been able to save on our car insurance by using the price comparison site.

Chloe’s Simpson’s article Make IRS Pay Your Moving Expenses  highlights another difference between the UK and US tax regime, as I’m not aware of any tax breaks for moving home to take up a new job in the UK.

seo diva explains that there’s a Chase Bank Bonus: $125.00 to Open a Total Checking Account. I’ve seen offers similar to this is the UK with Santander offering a £100 cashback bonus if you switch to a Preferred Current Account with them. I haven’t been tempted as I get a £5 a month bonus in my Halifax Reward Account.

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