Sea Kayak Fishing in the North Sea

Written by Demetrius Vouyiouklis

kayak fishingI like my sea fishing around the UK coast, particularly in the Summer when we’re awash with migrating visitors like sand eels, mackerel and all sorts of other fish and avian predators. My theory is that hey, even if I catch nothing, I love being there. In the last few years I’ve also taken up sea kayaking and have managed to combine my two hobbies, plus have some tasty, fresh fish to eat.

kayak fishingI took a photo of my favourite hand-line rig, which, at least in my opinion, is one of the best ways to fish from a kayak, as you can just let go if you need to get hold of your paddle in a hurry, then possibly retrieve. It’s made up of a mainline of 50lb break strain mono, wrapped around a salmon net float. The lead weight is 6oz on 30lb break strain mono and the hooks long shank and 5/0 in size. I use one giant luminescent hokki and one 15cm silver/pearlescent sand eel type reflective lure on 30lb break strain mono, meaning if any of the tackle is caught on the bottom or any other obstruction I can cut it loose with a good tug and carry on with my spare. This set is great for all kinds of predatory fish, including cod, pollock and mackerel. Also, you don’t catch more than 2 fish at a time, which from a kayak can be too much of a handful!

Once I’ve caught my fish, I clean them just before I land, which means no unwanted smelly mess around the house or garden (and also some food for crabs and sea birds in the vicinity). I then fillet and skin the fish at home.