Review of Debenhams Online Shopping

Written by Karen Bryan

debenhams onlineI tried shopping with on the Debenham’s site for the first time last week. I’m already a Debenhams in store shopping fan and I had some credit left on a Debenhams giftcard. I’m not keen on buying clothes online as often you have to pay for returns yourself and you never know what the fit will be like when you can’t try on the item. However Debenhams offer postage free returns by courier pick up, so I was willing to take the chance.

I really liked the Debenhams website as you could search by clothes size, type or only for sale bargains.  It can be so annoying if you find an item you like and then discover it’s not available in your size.

When I started searching on the site I found out that the 15% voucher didn’t apply to sale items. However some of the sale reductions were so good and with free delivery for orders over £30, I bought three tops and spent £32.

I order the clothes on Thursday evening and they arrived on this morning (Monday). Everything was a good fit.

You need to be aware that if you are returning items reduced to half price or less you may only exchange or refund on to a Debenhams giftcard.  If you are a Debenhams cardholder, you can have a full refund credited to your Debenhams card providing the reduced items were originally purchased on your card.

Overall shopping on Debenhams online was a very positive experience and I’ll be visiting the site again as I still have some credit left on my giftcard. I’d be a bit more wary of buying sale goods online if I was paying by credit card as opposed to a Debenhams giftcard, as I wouldn’t be able to get a refund onto a my credit card only to a giftcard.  That wouldn’t put me off altogether as I do shop at Debenhams at least a couple of times a year, so would be able to use up the credit on the giftcard.


This article is based on my own research and experience, please check all the Debenhams online shopping terms and conditions carefully before making your purchase. I will receive a commission if you join Pouring Pounds and/or make a purchase at Debenhams through the links in this article.