Unleash Your Creativity

Written by Karen Bryan

I believe that if you unleash your creativity, you can get a lot of personal satisfaction.  I certainly never thought of myself as an artistic person. That’s because I used to define being artistic as being able to paint or draw something that looked like the object or scenery in front of me.

In 2007 I attended some free art workshops at Prestongrange Industrial Museum in East Lothian. I had a wonderful time, partly due to the very relaxed, non-judgemental atmosphere. We used a different materials every week; one week we made soap drawings, another week it was sand.

unleash your creativity

The next year I went to another free workshop at Prestongrange Museum and made a mosaic.

unleast your creativity

Unfortunately, I have been so busy running my travel site, Europe a la Carte, that I haven’t attended any further classes to create more pieces.  However, I do get great pleasure from visiting art exhibitions, which are usually free to enter, even if I don’t always understand all the pieces. I try to be more open minded about art now. Even if I think something is somewhat ridiculous, if it makes me think and question what the artist is trying to say, I get something from it.

unleash your creativity

So why don’t you unleash your creativity as part of enjoying life more? Who knows, you may even create a masterpiece?  If you don’t, who cares if you have some fun. You could try going along to some art exhibitions, even if you think it’s not really for you; the worst that can happen is you’ll have spend a few hours trying something different.