Review of MySupermarket: Saving on Online Shopping

Written by Karen Bryan

mysupermarketIf you want to save money on your grocery shopping, the online shopping price comparison site MySupermarket simultaneously searches through the databases of Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Ocadia (who sell Waitrose products online), in order to work out which store is cheapest for your grocery selection.

I gave the MySupermarket website a trial run. It’s free to sign up to MySupermarket. From my postcode, the site knew that only two out of the four supermarkets, Tesco and Asda, offered delivery in our area.  As Tesco have a larger store and a wider selection of goods, I started shopping there.

I was given the option to book a delivery slot before I started shopping, which is good idea.  Tesco delivery charges varied between £3.50 and £6.00 depending on the time of day and day of the week. I selected delivery in two days time, during a one hour delivery slot in the afternoon, at a cost of £3.50. I did observe that the highest delivery charges are from Friday to Sunday, so if you go for an off peak delivery slot it’ll save you up to £2.50. I also think it’s important to know how much you’ll be charged for delivery, as you have to factor that into the total price of your supermarket shop, minus the transport costs you’ll save. Also, if you book your delivery before you start shopping, then you can be sure that the special offers you choose will still be valid for that day.

I liked the “quick shop” option where you type in the items you want to buy.  The more specific you are there, the easier it is to select what you want, e.g. instead of typing “milk” type in “semi skimmed milk” instead of “bread” type in “wholemeal bread”.

A couple of times MySupermarket flagged up that there were cheaper, similar alternatives,with the “swap & save” facility; one was that buying a larger 6 pint container of milk would save money, the other being a toilet roll on offer that was cheaper than the original brand I’d selected. It’s not always easy to work out which item is cheaper when you’re in store, so I thought this was a very good feature.

If you’re health conscious, MySupermarket lists the calories of each item above the image and if you click on the image you can find the complete nutritional listing for fat, protein etc.

Once I’d finished my shopping,  I could see that total cost (excluding delivery charges) of my trolley at each of the four supermarkets. I observed that Asda was £1.80 more expensive for my shopping.  However as I wasn’t  sure how much Asda charged for delivery and I wanted to see what happened when you I clicked to change my shopping to Asda.  Once I’d changed from shopping from Tesco to Asda, I could check the individual products in my trolley. As Asda charged £3 for delivery, albeit for a two hour span delivery slot, as opposed to Tesco’s  £3.50 one hour delivery slot, I would be paying £1.30 more in total (including delivery charge to shop at Asda, I effortlessly reverted to Tesco.

First time shoppers at MySupermarket receive a bonus of 400 Maximiles when they complete their initial shop. Normally you receive Maximiles points at a rate of 1 per £1 spent, up to a maximum of 80 points per trolley. In addition to these, you also receive the relevant loyalty points from the supermarket at which you make your purchase e.g. Tesco Clubcard points.


I was very impressed by the ease of use and money saving potential of MySupermarket. I reckon that there’s probably a higher chance to save more if you live in an area where all four supermarkets offer delivery. If online grocery shopping works well for you, in that it saves you time and effort going to the supermarket and you know in advance what items to buy, then using MySupermarket can help you save on food, especially if you are prepared have some flexibility in the brands you select.


This article is based on my personal research and experience using the site. Please read all terms and conditions before signing up.