Review of Localphone: Cheap & Reliable for Overseas Calls

Written by Karen Bryan

My husband Demetrius has been using Localphone, which offers international calls at local rates, since April 2010. Overall he has found the service to be pretty cheap and reliable. We’re on a BT  package that gives us free fixed landline UK calls so he uses Localphone mainly to speak to his elderly parents, plus other family, in the north of Greece from our fixed landline phone.


The current cost of his calls is 1.2p/min including VAT for landlines and 7.4p/min for mobiles in Greece. Other charges (per minute including VAT for landlines and mobiles, respectively) are: India, 1.3p / 1.2p, Italy: 1.2p / 22.6p, Netherlands 1.1p / 7.4p, UK: 0.8p / 6-15p and USA: 0.5p / 0.5-2.3p. Quite a variety of charges then, which may/may not suit your pocket, depending on where you phone.

You can credit your account with as little as £1 and your first call is free (up to 5 minutes). Purchasing call time is straight forward, you simply buy it online using paypal or similar methods.

On thing that stands out is the Localphone customer service. This was tested extensively in the beginning of using this service, when issues like the other end not being able to hear, 3rd parties being audible etc were encountered. On these occasions the online help response was always within 24 hours (usually less) and the problem always remedied. However, no problems have been encountered recently and the service works like a regular fixed line phone to fixed line phone call, albeit at a low cost for international calls.

It is obviously limiting that, in order to get the cheapest rates, you mainly use this service from your home phone. However, it has recently become possible for people abroad (including yourself) to call your home phone using Localphone albeit at different (usually higher) rates. There’s also an iphone app enabling you to make cheap overseas calls when you’re out and about.


This post is based on my personal research and usage of the service. Please read all terms and conditions carefully before you sign up for any service. I will make a commission if you sign up and add credit to your account.