It’s Never Too Late to Try a New Career

Written by Karen Bryan

I think there’s a lot of truth in the old saying “it’s never too late”. I never really had much of an idea of what job/career path I wanted to take. I had an unsuccessful three year stab at being an entrepreneur, setting up a domestic cleaning service, after I finsihed my business studies degree in 1996.  I wanted to set up another business but this time in a field in which I had a strong personal interest.

So in 2002 the Europe a la Carte travel site was born, thanks to one of our sons being good at IT. I worked on the site part time until 2009, when I finally gave up my part-time day job to be a full time online publisher. In October 2010 I gave a presentation at the Travel Bloggers Exchange in Copenhagen, by April 2011 I had  replaced my earnings from my previous part-time day job from my online publishing income and the Europe a la Carte Blog was in the top 30 of the Invesp 150 Global Travel Blogs.

I didn’t have a background in travel, marketing, writing or advertising. But I did have a love of European travel,  determination, a techie son and a supportive husband.

Now don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been a bed of roses. Yes, it’s been exciting, I’ve had some great trips but some weeks I’ve worked up to 90 hours. I also had to spend increasing amounts of time on tasks that are not my favourites, such as selling ads and doing search engine optimisation (SEO) in the drive to commercialisation.

In August 2011 I decided to diversify into personal finance and lifestyle field with the launch of Help Me To Save.

So take it from me, it’s never too late to pursue a new career/direction. Even if, for any reason, it doesn’t pan out, at least you know you have tried your best and given it a go. You don’t want to be left wondering ‘what if?’