giffgaff Sim Cards: Cutting the Cost of UK Calls, Texts & Data

Written by Karen Bryan


If you’re happy with your current mobile phone handset, the giffgaff network offers good deals for calls, text and mobile internet. You can choose between pay-as-you-go credit or 30 day bundles (goodybags) with various combinations of UK calls, texts and mobile internet data. If you order your free sim by clicking here, you’ll receive an extra £5 credit when you activate and top-up your sim card.


giffgaffI’ve been looking at sim cards on the giffgaff pay-as-you-go mobile network, as an option to spend less when my Vodafone 24 month contract runs out later this year.  I’m currently paying £20 a month for 300 minutes of UK calls, unlimited texts and 500mb of data per month. I’m happy enough with my current mobile phone, a Samsung Jet; I get by without an iphone. giffgaff runs on the O2 network; as my Samsung Jet is unlocked, I can use a sim card for any mobile network. What’s appealing about giffgaff is the fact that I won’t be tied into a long contract.  With giffgaff you can either buy a 30 day goody bag or pay-as-you-go.

As I don’t make a lot of calls or send lots of texts from my mobile, but do use some mobile internet when I’m out and about, I thought that the three options below would be suitable for me.

£5 Hokey Cokey goodybag

A £5 ‘Hokey Cokey’ goodybag for 30 days includes:

  • 60 UK minutes to landlines or any mobile network
  • 300 texts
  • free giffgiff to giffgaff calls

Mobile internet is charged at an additional 20 pence per day with a limit of 20mb.

For my usage, I thought that the 60 minutes might be a bit limited some months, but as I only use mobile internet a few days a month and don’t exceed 300 texts this goodybag would be a good option.

£10 giffgaff goodybag

The £10 goodybag for 30 days includes:

  • 250 UK minutes to landlines and any mobile network
  • unlimited texts
  • unlimited data
  • free giffgaff to giffgaff calls

If I knew I was going to be away from base, within the UK, frequently in the coming month, this goodybag would be ideal for me.


You don’t need to buy a goodybag, you can purchase pay as you go credit (£10 minimum), the rates are :

  • 8 pence a minute for calls to UK landline or mobile numbers
  • 4 pence for UK texts
  • 20p a day for up to 20mb mobile internet
  • free giffgaff to giffgaff calls (for 3 months after top up)

Update 2 October 2011giffgaff prices on the PAYG have now increased to 10 pence per minute for calls and 6 pence for texts. The price of goodbags remains the same.

However on PAYG there is a daily limit of 20mb on mobile internet but giffgaff won’t send you a text to warn when you’re near your limit. If you go over the 20mb daily allowance you’ll be charged a whopping 20 pence per mb. Therefore if you have a smartphone which you use a lot it might work out cheaper to buy a £10 goodybag.

If I reckon that if I’m not going to be out of the office much, just paying for calls/texts/mobile interent as I need them on a few days a month could be the best option.

I read in terms and conditions that you need to use your phone at least once in 6 months for the sim to stay active.


I purchased a giffgaff sim card and activated it with £10 credit to use on pay-as-you-go, so I’m ready to go when my current Vodafone 24 month contract expires. The card arrived in the mail the day after ordering and it was easy to do the online activation. As I ordered the sim through a referral link, I now have £15 credit on my sim.

I recommended giffgaff to one of our sons who is currently using a Tesco mobile sim, as call prices are similar to giffgaff’s but we’d be able to phone each other free of charge if we both use giffgaff.

I think that buying either the £5 Hokey Cokey or the £10 giffgaff goodbags, or sticking with pay-as-you-go charges will be a good deal for me when my current Vodafone contract expires.

If I needed a new mobile phone handset, I’d look at contracts which offered free phones but as my Samsung Jet does everything I need, I’ll keep using it for the forseeable future.

Order a Free Sim with £5 credit
Get a free Giffgaff Sim

Click here, or on the banner above, to  order your free sim and you’ll receive an additional £5 credit when you activate your sim. You”l have to top up by a minimum of £10 to activate your sim.


This article is based on my personal research, mobile phone usage and understanding of the product. Please read all the terms and conditions carefully before activating your sim card. I will earn a commission if you order a giffgaff sim card through the links in this article, then activate and top-up the sim card.