No More 9 – 5: A Walk in the Countryside on a Wednesday Morning

Written by Karen Bryan

One of the benefits about being self employed is flexible working, no more 9 -5, unless they are your preferred hours of work. It was pretty foggy this morning but around 10am the sun started shining, so I downed tools and we headed off out a walk. We drove to Twizzel Bridge, with my husband Demetrius’ kayak on the roof bars, and walked along banks the River Till to where the Till flows into the River Tweed.

flexible work

There were so many purple wild flowers all along the sides of the footpath.  Further along the path is another bridge over the Till, a disused railway crossing. Just where the rivers join there’s a bench where we had a hot drink from our flask.

flexible work

I then drove home, while Demetrius took his kayak down to the river and paddled back to Berwick upon Tweed. As I was passing Tesco on the drive home, I went in to fill up the car and do some grocery shopping. We generally try to do multi purpose trips to keep our car running costs as low as possible.

Simple pleasures, walking and kayaking in the countryside, but you need the luxury of flexible, free time to be able to capitalise on them. It’s things like this that are a big part of of enoying our lives while living on less.