Review of Be Broadband: Fast, Reliable with Unlimited Downloads

Written by Karen Bryan

bt broadband routerOur son Gary has been using Be Broadband for  more than one year, in his previous and current rented accommodation in Edinburgh. He told me that Be Broadband has been very good: almost always fast and reliable with no download limits, even on the basic package he uses, which costs £17 a month on a 12 month contract.

However, he did have an issue with Be Broadband when he moved home recently and tried to sign up for a package including a land line with them. He failed the credit check, presumably as he’d just moved home so he wasn’t on the electoral roll at his new address. Be Broadband recommended he contact Equifax to find out why, but as he would’ve had to pay to find out why, he didn’t pursue this as the credit agency were going to charge him to investigate. However, failing the credit check meant he had to get call barring on the landline and pay £1 a month extra for this service.

So if you are looking for a umlimited wired broadband provider only, or for a phone line/calls and wired broadband package, and you’ve been a the same address for some time, it’s worth looking at Be Broadband, if it’s available in your area. Unfortunately Be Broadband is not available in this region, or I’d consider signing up with them.


This article is based on the personal experience of a Be Broadband user. Please read all the terms and conditions before signing up for any contract.