Free Art Classes at the National Galleries of Scotland

Written by Karen Bryan

The National Galleries of Scotland run free drop-in easel sketching sessions on a couple of days, usually Thursday and Fridays, most months. You don’t need any experience to attend.

It’s a two hour session between 2 – 4pm. The venue alternates between the National Gallery and the Portrait Gallery, both located in the city centre.

On day I which attended, the venue was the National Gallery. I felt a bit apprehensive about going to the session, as although I have done some art at home, it’s been on a more abstract theme, as I’m not that keen on (or good at) replicating reality.

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Marketing Your Product or Service to Quality Assurance Professionals

Written by Karen Bryan

If your business has a product or service to offer those in the quality assurance industry it can be difficult to know where to begin. One of the most important factors in any type of marketing campaign is to ensure that your messages are actually going to reach the right people; constantly coming up against gatekeepers or invalid contact details is not only frustrating but can also quickly become a big drain on your time and resources. This is why it is so imperative that your company is sure to get hold of accurate and high quality data; and in this guide we’ll tell you just how to go about doing this in order to really make the most of your campaigns.

The Quality Assurance Industry in 2017

The quality assurance industry is currently valued at around $250 billion, according to Intertek, who also note that the industry has plenty of opportunities for businesses targeting the sector, stating:

“[the industry has] attractive structural growth prospects driven by an increased focus of corporations on risk management, global trade flows, global demand for energy, expanding regulations, more complex sourcing and distribution operations, technological innovations, government investments in large infrastructure projects, and increased consumer demand for higher quality and more sustainable products.”

With reports suggesting that in the near future more than 40 percent of IT budgets will be committed to quality assurance and software testing, it is clearly a great time to target the industry for potentially lucrative deals. Mobile testing is one of the biggest priorities for many companies, and with coming up against challenges when setting this up in-house (see chart below), there are clearly a number of outsourcing opportunities in this area.

Source: Capgemini World Quality Report 2016-2017

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How to Keep Your Travel Health Insurance Cost Under Control

Written by Karen Bryan

Your travel insurance cost is influenced by numerous parameters and factors. You’re bound to take the right decision even if you’re aware of the insurance basics. Instead of restricting your insurance benefits, it will help you to fetch a great bargain for much lower premium rates. You must try and keep your insurance costs at bay under all circumstances.

Consider a few of the insurance buying tips shared by experts at online magazines and shopping portals:

Choosing an Appropriate Deductible

Counting on your coverage preferences, you must choose an appropriate deductible for your insurance policy. In your attempt to buy a comprehensive travel insurance plan, you’ll achieve a lower premium by choosing a higher deductible that needs to be met once a year. You’ll be taking a wise decision by choosing a lower deductible while you’re comparing fixed coverage plans and the deductible varies with the extent of injury or illness.

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Talk Mobile’s Confusing Cancellation Procedure

Written by Karen Bryan

When I first moved from Berwick upon Tweed to Stirling, I was reliant on mobile broadband for work.

As a back-up to my Three mobile contract, I decided to buy a Talk Mobile Sim which offered 15GB of data (which could be used for tethering) for £15 a month on a 30 day contract. Once fixed line broadband was installed in Stirling, I cancelled my Talk Mobile SIM.

I knew that I had to give 30 days notice to cancel. I assumed at the end of the 30 day notice period that my account would be closed and any advance payment made would be automatically credited to the bank account from which the monthly direct debit payment had been made to Talk Mobile.

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4 Lending Alternatives for People with Bad Credit

Written by Karen Bryan

It’s very easy to enter into a state of despair when we find out we were rejected for yet another credit card or personal loan. Loans are often a final resort to get out of an already precarious situation, and bad credit is usually a result of it. But the good news is that there are more avenues than ever for people with poor or no credit to access secured and unsecured loans with reasonable rates. Here are some lending alternatives for people with bad credit.

Think About Getting Home Equity Line of Credit

This is for those who are lucky enough to have enough equity in their property to consider the option. If you are one of those people, there is always a chance that you could qualify for a line of credit. However, the only catch is that you will be betting your home against it, which could put you in an even more stressful situation. If you however have a steady income and feel like you have the discipline it takes to make payments, then this could be a solid option, irrespective of what your credit score is
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Review of Ratesetter

Written by Demetrius Vouyiouklis

I have been investing with Ratesetter for a total time of about 2 years. I cancelled my subscription with them about 3 months ago, then re-subscribed 2 months ago, for reasons that will be explained later in the article.

During that 2 year period, my average investment has been approximately £13,000 and my average rate of interest received has been approximately 4.2%.

I initially looked at peer to peer lending when some reasonably yielding (i.e. above RPI inflation) invested capital investments were coming their end, in order to avoid the low interest then (and presently) paid by banks/building societies.

As peer to peer lending is not protected by the (currently) up to £85,000 ceiling set by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), I kept my investment in Ratesetter at a low-ish level, despite their tempting rates of return.

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How to Choose a Forex Trading Site

Written by Karen Bryan

Deciding to get into trading is the first step, but it is far from the last step. The next step is selecting a Forex trading site that meets your needs. Here are the steps you need to follow before choosing a forex trading site. We’ll give simple steps to narrow down all your options to a single forex trading platform best for you.

Determine What You Want to Invest In

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, there is no point in signing up for a forex trading platform that doesn’t support it. If you want to invest in specific currencies to take advantage of current political trends, you need to verify that the forex trading site offers those currencies.

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For How Long Should You Fix the Interest Rate on Savings?

Written by Karen Bryan

I am back to the old dilemma of trying to decide into which fixed rate savings account to put my cash. There is talk of UK interest rates increasing in the near future. But I’ve heard that a few times over the last decade.

It doesn’t seem that you get a much higher rate of interest for tying up your cash for three years as opposed to three years.

However, I’d made the mistake of opting for shorter term fixed rate accounts a few times. When these fixed rate bonds mature, the rate of interest on new bonds has been lower than when I put cash into the maturing bonds.

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Looking for a Winter Sun Holiday on TravelZoo

Written by Karen Bryan

As I was thinking of a Winter sun holiday in the near future, either before or after Christmas, I decided to have a look at the TravelZoo website.

In the past, I’ve found some great deals on TravelZoo. Last year, I found an all inclusive holiday to Corfu at a four star hotel for £344 per person through TravelZoo.  It was a very good price for a stay at the highly rated Mayor Capo di Corfu hotel on an all-inclusive basis. The £344 price per person included return flights from Edinburgh to Corfu with easyJet.

I set a budget of not more than £500 per person for an all-inclusive holiday this Winter, staying at a four star hotel on an all-inclusive basis.  I thought that for my budget, the destination would probably be in Europe.

When I went to the TravelZoo site and clicked on the holidays tab, there was an option for all-inclusive holidays.

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How to Enjoy a Luxurious But Affordable UK Weekend Break

Written by Karen Bryan

When it comes to holidays, many of us are still trying to stick to a tight budget. However, planning a last-minute getaway or relaxing weekend break doesn’t have to mean cutting corners and settling for something less than average. Instead, it’s all about finding the best deals that’ll make sure your next break isn’t just affordable but luxurious, too.

Here are our top tips for budget travel.
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