The Best States to Save on American College Debts

Written by Karen Bryan

American student debt is a hot topic nowadays. For many graduates, student debt is one of the most troubling things about college, and it follows students for many years after graduating. If you’re planning to go to school in America, it’s important that you learn how to mitigate your debt. One of the best methods is by reviewing this state-by-state analysis of student debt.

Percentage of Students Graduating With Debt

First, it’s important to determine the likelihood that you’ll have debt when you graduate. Even if a state has a high average student debt, it might be worth it to try if it has a lower percentage of students graduating with debt. Usually that means there are more social services and other debt options.

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Ultimate Guide Regarding Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA)

Written by Karen Bryan

Are you fed up of your debt and want some solution for it but does not know perfect debt solution? If yes, then congratulations! You are at the right place. We will let you know the effective debt solution. It is none other than IVA, which is referred to as individual voluntary agreement. With the IVA help and advice, you can easily bring facilitation and relaxation in your life.

What Is an IVA?

Do not need to explore here and there to know what actually the IVA is! It is a marvelous agreement that is being signed between the creditor and you. In this legal agreement, you are legally allowed to deal for your debt at a reasonable price. It can help you financially to provide a solution to your debt issues. You are not bound to pay the debt all at once but can pay it in installments.

Get better control of your assets through the individual voluntary agreement. It would amazingly save you from bankruptcy.

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How You Can Make Money From Home By Starting Your Own Online Store

Written by Karen Bryan

Starting your own online store is now easier than ever before. Up until now those who wanted to make some extra money by selling goods online have had numerous challenges facing them. Inventory requirements, storage, the complication of selling to the public, and the upfront investment required, to name just a few.

Now, however, those worries are a thing of the past. Thanks to companies like it’s now so simple to start your own online store and start selling around the world, that you can do it from the comfort of your own home. The best part? You don’t need a penny to get started.

A drop-shipping revolution

Starting your online store is so simple thanks to drop-shipping. What is it? It’s simple – you have your online store, which is connected to a fulfilment partner. Your fulfilment partner stores your goods for you. When an order is made, they will package and ship your order on your behalf. It couldn’t be easier!

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Amazing Ways to Save Money on Your Next Family Campervan Holiday

Written by Karen Bryan

What family doesn’t look forward to that annual holiday away from work, school and all the mundane tasks of everyday life? If you are trying to plan a super exciting holiday for the family, there are some ways to make it the most exciting ever, even on limited funds. Let’s take a look at where you can save some money so that you have more to spend with the kids.

A Word on Avoiding Hotels

Yes, it’s lovely to think about staying in a posh hotel by the beach where you can get room service and you don’t have to clean up much because there are maids on staff. However, you pay for those amenities and if you are trying to plan a fabulous holiday without spending your life’s savings, why not take the campervan this year? In fact, taking a road trip around the UK in a campervan will probably appeal to the kids (and the husband!) more than you can imagine.

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17 Ways Bay Area Property Owners Can Save Money

Written by Karen Bryan

Everyone knows that living in the Bay Area can be fairly expensive in comparison to other areas of California and the rest of the country. Despite the fact that the median home price across the region’s nine counties declined in 2019 for the first time in 7 years, that figure is still at $830,000, which is considerably higher than the national average of $226,000. Of course, homes aren’t the only things that cost more in the Bay Area, as all products and services tend to come at higher prices. With such a costly lifestyle to keep up with, it makes sense that Bay Area property owners would be looking to reduce expenditure in the following 17 reasonable and sustainable ways:

1. Install a Solar Panel System

While the cost of installing a solar panel system represents a significant upfront investment, the long-term savings will more than pay off. Most homeowners will recoup their investment within 5-8 years and after that your property will have access to free energy indefinitely. Most solar panels can last anywhere from 25-50+ years without requiring any form of maintenance, so you’re looking at about 5 decades of expense-free energy.

Leading solar providers in San Jose and other Bay Area cities often provide warranties that cover you from having to pay for premature maintenance. For example, Semper Solaris provides American-made solar panels that are backed by a 50-year Platinum protection warranty. They’re ranked as one of the best solar power companies in Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and numerous other cities throughout California.

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Can You Put a Private Plate on a Lease Car?

Written by Karen Bryan

If you want to buy a private number plate and put it on a lease car then this is possible, and it’s a fairly simple process. It does come with some procedures and paperwork, but as long as you follow the regulations, you should find putting the number plate on a lease vehicle quite easy.

In this day and age, more and more of us have lease cars and private number plates, so it is important that the two can combine. Experts in the motoring field predict that there will be very few people that own their own vehicle in 10 years-time. This is due to the wide variation of options when it comes to cars and the desire for a new one every few years.

If you are unsure of how to place your private plate onto your lease vehicle, then we’ve come up with a comprehensive guide on how to.

How to put a private plate on a lease car

  1. Purchase a private number plate
  2. Fill in the ‘Nominee Details’ on the V778 Retention Document
  3. Send the Retention Document to the DVLA
  4. Assign the private plate to a lease vehicle
  5. At the end of the contract, remove the plate

!. Purchase a private number plate

Before you consider putting the plate onto a lease vehicle you need to purchase a private number plate. You can buy a private plate on a website that buys and sells used plate, via the DVLA website or at an auction, or through an independent website. No matter which option you take, you will need to bring the required documentation with you. These documents must show proof of your name and address, as well as the documents to prove that you can purchase the plate.

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6 Totally Manageable Ways to Save Money as a Family

Written by Karen Bryan

When you have a child, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by how much extra cash you need to dedicate to your expenses each month. Most consumers around the UK today are already scrambling to make their cash go further. Bring a kid into the mix, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

The good news is that if you’re committed to living a more frugal lifestyle, there are plenty of things you can do to get more control over your cash.

Here, we’re going to look at some easy ways that you can save money as a family, without trying to accomplish too much, too fast.

Organise your Food Shopping

How much unused food do you throw away each month? If the answer is more than “nothing,” it’s time to get more control over your shopping habits. Start by creating a list of items you need before you go to the supermarket each week and take an envelope with you that includes only the money you need for those items. This will prevent you from accidentally overspending when you’re tempted by a treat at the checkout counter.

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Travelodge Aberdeen Central Review

Written by Karen Bryan

I stayed at the Travelodge Aberdeen Central for three nights (Friday to Monday) in mid June 2019. I booked the room during a 35% off stays for three nights promotion during April 2019. I paid £80 for the three nights, on the non-refundable Saver rate. I thought that this was a good price for a weekend stay.

I checked in a few minutes after the earliest check in time of 3pm. I was fortunate to be allocated a room on the top (fourth floor) at the side of the hotel away from the road junction. The view was over the roof of the adjacent Trinity Centre. I could see the North Sea on the horizon.

Unusually for Travelodges, the room had two chairs. This is good if there are two people in the room, so one person doesn’t have to sit on the bed.

The room was a good size and had a large desk area. There was plenty of space for the kettle and my Chromebook.

The bathroom was also a reasonable size, with a bath. Many newer, city centre hotels only have showers.

I wasn’t disturbed by any interior or exterior noise on any of the three nights of my stay. This is unusual for a city centre location.

In summary, I thought that Travelodge Aberdeen Central offered great value for money for comfortable accommodation right in the heart of the city.

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) Explained

Written by Karen Bryan

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), one of the four venture capital schemes, was established by the UK government in 1994, to encourage investors to help early-stage businesses and start-ups to secure the finances they need in order to grow.

This scheme is extremely beneficial for both parties involved. For investors, the EIS offers substantial tax relief benefits, which they would not have secured unless investing in a small, early-stage business under the scheme. For SMEs, the EIS allows them to gain the necessary funds to kick-start their business.

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How to Save a Lot of Money on a Mortgage or Remortgage

Written by Karen Bryan

Imagine you are looking to buy your first house but don’t know where to turn for a mortgage. Your estate agent recommends a high street bank or your local building society. A friend suggests you turn to a mortgage broker instead. What do you do?

There are plenty of good reasons to go directly to lenders in search of a mortgage. The same is true for re-mortgages. But when you are talking specifically about financial considerations, mortgage brokers tend to come out on top for one simple reason: they can save you a lot of money.

Your bank or building society may only offer one mortgage or remortgage deal. If they offer two or three, that would be a lot. But visit that mortgage broker on the other side of town and you are likely to hear different story. If this mortgage broker suggests he/she can look at a dozen different deals, you suddenly have more choices to work with.

Why Mortgages Cost Money

To understand how a mortgage broker can save you a lot of money, it is important that you realise just why mortgages cost you something. Remember that all forms of borrowing come with costs included. If you are borrowing £100,000 to buy a house, you will pay interest on that money. But that’s not all. There are also costs associated with underwriting a loan, processing it, managing payments, etc. You pay all of those costs.

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